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Flattening Out
A popular narrative suggests that a frothy market is prompting a borrowing binge for junk-rated companies. But that's far too simplistic.
Source: Bloomberg
Lending Less
Bank of America's results are not justifying the enormous appreciation in its stock price since Donald Trump's election.
Source: Bloomberg
Trading Places
Wells Fargo had a long streak as the most reliable U.S. bank. But it's lost the title.
Source: Bloomberg
Blurred Vision
A $53 billion eyewear deal increasingly looks like it might run into antitrust trouble.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Liam Denning on a fateful Thursday for MLPs: "The day began with the by-now-familiar ritual of an overextended member of the ranks, Genesis Energy LP, slashing payouts to investors. This was remarkable chiefly for Genesis' counter-intuitive approach of pairing this disagreeable news with the vague offer of doing a buyback at some point -- as well as insisting repeatedly on a brief investor call that it didn't actually need to cut distributions, you understand."

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