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Trumped Up Expectations
A whole lot of tax expectations are baked into profit estimates and investors could be sorely disappointed.
Source: Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, Weeden & Co.
Cash Bonfire
Netflix's price hike illustrates the difficulty of plowing $6 billion into entertainment programming and funding a global expansion at the same time.
Source: Bloomberg
Note: Free cash flow is cash from operations minus capital expenditures.
Speedy Delivery
A possible foray deeper into physical delivery makes sense for Amazon -- getting all those packages to people is increasingly expensive.
Source: Amazon
Bikini Kill
Sales look grim at Victoria's Secret, but a lot of its declines are attributable to its nixed swimsuit and apparel lines.
Source: Company Filings

And don't miss Nir Kaissar on the ETF wars: "Invesco and Guggenheim and the other 82 ETF providers have tried to compete by offering more expensive smart beta and other niche ETF strategies, such as sector, commodity, leveraged and inverse ETFs. But there’s only so much interest and capacity in those strategies, which limits their size.  And size matters when it comes to ETFs."

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