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Good morning! This is Fly Charts, the daily charts-only newsletter from Gadfly; sign up here. From the hepatitis-drug market to the renewable-energy boom, here are four charts that tell you what you need to know in business today.

Rising Sun (and Wind)
Coal and gas may still dominate the energy world, but ignoring the increasingly rapid rise of renewables is a mistake.
Source: International Energy Agency
Note: Rolling three-year averages.
Pulling Through
Arm & Hammer's parent company is showing packaged good peers that Kraft-Heinz style megadeals aren't the only way forward.
Source: Bloomberg
Price Plunge
The bond market took Donald Trump's offhand statements on Puerto Rico's debt very seriously.
Source: MSRB
The Glide
Analyst expectations for the future of the hepatitis C drug market are way off.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Andrea Felsted on the grim upside of mortality: "Continuous Mortality Investigation Ltd., which sounds like something from a Philip K. Dick story, produces the longevity forecasts used by corporate pension schemes and insurers. It has found that the average life expectancy of men and women aged 65 declined in the past two years. Official statistics are slightly less alarming, but still show it slowing."

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