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Good morning! This is Fly Charts, the daily charts-only newsletter from Gadfly; sign up here. From the growing mountain of corporate debt to a home-goods store glut, here are four charts that tell you what you need to know in business today.

Loads of Debt
Big cash piles shouldn't soothe worries about the enormous amounts of debt that companies have racked up.
Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
High Stakes
A ban in London is just the latest of a series of setbacks threatening Uber's status as the most valuable private tech company.
Source: CB Insights
Home Game
Holding on to massive portfolios of stores is a risky gamble in the age of e-commerce, and Williams Sonoma knows it better than most.
Source: Bloomberg
Cash Rich
L'Oreal has the cash to buy a big chunk of Nestle's stake in the company, and the death of an heiress finally makes the deal a possibility.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Andy Mukherjee on Zuck's need to play catchup in India: "Facebook Inc. lost so much time peddling a controlled internet-lite to India's poor, it let Google score a lead where it truly matters: digital payments in the only billion-plus-people market open to Western tech firms."



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