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Buy on the Tips
More investors are piling into stocks that are rising rather than trying to get a good value on market dips.
Source: Bloomberg
Note: Y-axis is millions of shares traded daily. Both advancing and declining volume is a 100-day moving average.
Cost Cutting
The big roadblocks to mainstream embrace of electric cars are dropping away one by one.
Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Still, But Not Sparkling
The fight for control at Tata is over, but governance issues still weigh on the valuations of its businesses.
Source: Bloomberg
Fund Raising
An unsustainable private equity surge? Not according to Michael Milken.
Source: Preqin Ltd.

And don't miss Lionel Laurent and Marcus Ashworth on the limits of automation in finance:  "As old-school as it sounds to imagine humans toiling away in the brokerage industry, it's happening and will continue to happen for a long time. Last year's merger between two behemoths of voice-broking, ICAP Plc and Tullett Prebon, is a case in point. The deal resulted in two companies with very different equity stories: NEX Group Plc, an electronic platform play on the future of fintech, and TP ICAP Plc, a straightforward people-heavy broker with an opportunity to strip out back-office costs. Both stocks are up 31 and 37 percent over the past year, and both stories make sense."

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