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Next time you hear someone try to predict a correction, remember that even Warren Buffett has only had modest market timing success
Source: Bloomberg
Note: 2017 allocation as of June.
Take It to the Bank
More firms are making loans that they had previously stayed away from, and that's going to make the next downturn deeper.
Source: Federal Reserve
Stores Matter
"Bodega" isn't just poorly considered and culturally insensitive -- its founders don't appear to have considered financial reality.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Note: Figures are adjusted for seasonal variation. Data for 2Q 2017 are preliminary.
Power Player
Is GE's new boss hinting at a possible run at Honeywell’s aerospace business?
Source: Bloomberg
Note: Exact pro-forma sales are difficult to calculate and depend on the divestitures required by regulators.

And don't miss Chris Hughes on the non-end of Deutsche Boerse's scandal: "If the company thinks it has a strong case, settling is wrong in principle. The lack of a clear acquittal leaves a cloud over both company and CEO, whether deserved or not. It may be bad business, too: any one seeing the chance to get Deutsche Boerse bogged down in litigation will be emboldened to try it on."

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