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Defying Gravity
Apple's been shockingly successful at keeping the price of its phones high, and things are about to get even more expensive.
Sources: Bloomberg and Bloomberg Gadfly estimates
Notes: The quarters shown here reflect Apple's fiscal year, which ends each September. The averages are calculated from trailing 12 month iPhone revenue and number of units sold.
Show Me the Money
Goldman thinks it can gin up $5 billion in new revenue from a variety of sources. But its rivals won’t make it easy.
Source: Company presentation
Deep Pockets
Daimler isn't the only company gearing up to chase Tesla, but it has an added benefit of being one of the most profitable.
Source: Bloomberg
(blended, forward 12 months, on GAAP basis)
Dark Sky
Sky's shares are plunging for a reason. Rupert Murdoch's proposed full takeover just got a whole lot more complicated.
Source: Bloomberg
Intraday times are displayed in ET.

And don't miss Sarah Halzack on the stymied personalization revolution: "The app has served up a module showing me 'off to college electronics' and options to 'organize & clean for college' that included Arm & Hammer laundry detergent and Method cleaning spray. There was an 'off to college collegiate gear' banner showing me a red bomber jacket, and a 'dorm décor essentials' feature that tried to sell me on a shag rug. Listen, Amazon, I'm flattered. But my dorm days are long over. I graduated from college in 2006."

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