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Good morning! This is Fly Charts, the daily charts-only newsletter from Gadfly; sign up here. From Harvey's Saudi impact to bond malaise, here are four charts that tell you what you need to know in business today. 

When Things Go Wrong...
None other than Kanye West is highlighting a big weakness in the specialty insurance business model.
Source: Bloomberg
Note: Annual combined ratio measuring costs and claims relative to income
Fashion Faux Pas
Retailers everywhere are chasing H&M's fast-fashion model without stopping to think about whether it's what their customers actually want.
Source: Bloomberg Intelligence
Trouble With The Curve
Harvey has thrown a hurricane-sized wrench into Saudi Arabia's oil-price plans.
Source: Bloomberg
About Face
This was supposed to be the year that debt trading finally turned around. But Wall Street may be stuck in the same bad movie.
Source: Finra's Trace system, Bloomberg

And don't miss David Ficking on China and Nigeria's history of screwing up together: "The Mambilla project, first mooted in the early 1980s, has long been dreamed about as Nigeria's answer to the Three Gorges Dam in China. Its generation capacity of 3,050 megawatts would more than double the country's current hydro potential. Believe it when you see it. Despite what ought to be strong mutual interests, the world's biggest energy consumer and Africa's biggest oil producer have a history of misadventures stretching back at least a decade."

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