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Post-iPhone Drip
With a new iPhone en route, it seems odd that Tim Cook just sold a bunch of Apple stock. But the sale may turn out to be well-timed.
Source: Bernstein Research analysis
Processing The News
The huge gains in some refining stocks seem to be based on unrealistic assumptions about hurricane Harvey’s impact.
Source: Bloomberg
Clap Back
Brown-Forman is celebrating a great quarter. But the Jack Daniels maker may come to regret not selling at the top.
Source: Bloomberg
Note: GAAP calculation. Doesn't adjust for company's estimate of net change in distributor inventories, impact of foreign exchange or acquisitions and divestitures.
Gilead's big money purchase of Kite is spurring speculation of more M&A to come. But it may not be the catalyst some hope it is.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Leila Abboud on the tricky business of picking TV winners: "Investors have a simple choice: avoid all TV companies for the foreseeable future, or choose a few that can deliver returns in the short term. The former stance seems extreme. Even as money moves into online ads, television remains the best way to reach a mass-market audience and the main medium to build up brands. The latter means investors have to understand the differences in how each broadcaster has navigated the shift into digital or proven they can grow ratings with hit shows." 

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