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Good morning! This is Fly Charts, the daily charts-only newsletter from Gadfly; sign up here. From UnitedHealth's M&A vision to the many potential crimes of indexing, here are four charts that tell you what you need to know in business today.

Houston's Pain
A huge amount of Harvey's damage won't be covered by flood insurance; the government needs a better way to pay for the woefully underfunded program.
Source: CoreLogic
That's Progress
Wasn't Amazon supposed to have put Best Buy to the sword by now?
Source: Bloomberg
Leader of the Pack
UnitedHealth continues to do the diversifying deals that have made it an industry leader. And its insurance rivals continue to sit by and watch.
Source: Bloomberg
Research Recession
Add slashed corporate R&D budgets to the crimes being heaped at the feet of over-indexing and horizontal ownership.
Source: Germán Gutiérrez and Thomas Philippon, Bloomberg

And don't miss Chris Bryant on the march of de-equitization: "Factors that affect intrinsic value (earnings) are endlessly debated, as are the impact of central bank asset purchases on stock prices. But rare is the market report that begins: 'The price of equities rose today because there weren’t as many good ones to buy.'"

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