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Bad Options
Many arguments against a fiduciary standard -- like that it would cut down on investor choice -- are fairly pungent red herrings. Most mutual funds aren’t worth owning.
Source: Morningstar, author's calculations
Why would Energy Transfer Partners' $1 billion-plus sale of new units hammer its share price, but boost that of its parent company? Follow Liam Denning into the odd world of MLPs.
Source: Bloomberg
Note: Intra-day pricing on August 15th, 2017. performance indexed to 100.
Changing Times
Take a closer look at Tencent's blowout earnings report and it's much less impressive -- the company is relying on one-off gains as content costs erode its margins.
Source: Tencent, Bloomberg Gadfly
Bottoming Out
The pound is at its lowest value against the euro so far this year -- and Brexit is only going to continue to loom.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Shuli Ren and Nisha Gopalan on a very crowded investment consortium at Unicom: "...can the new investors actually craft a (still state-controlled) entity that's able to hire and fire workers and make fast strategic decisions? After this so-called mixed-ownership reform is done, the 14 will theoretically have equal ownership with the government of Unicom's A shares. Several of these firms are bitter competitors, however, so the potential for inter-investor squabbling is great."

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