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Not-So-Dumb Money
Investing habits have shifted in recent years, making predictions of market doom less certain.
Source: Morningstar
Note: Flows for 2017 through July.
Flip Flop
IEA oil-inventory forecasts have changed dramatically in just one month, likely inspiring panic at OPEC.
Sources: Bloomberg, IEA
Note: Cumulative change in global stockpiles from the position at the end of 2Q, 2017, assuming constant OPEC production.
Falling Behind
Greenhill & Co. helps companies chart their paths, but the boutique investment bank seems to have lost its own way.
Source: Bloomberg
Dive In
Tesla's debut bond is unbelievably low-yielding despite the company's many cash-flow problems.
Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bloomberg
Note: Weighted effective yield for BofA Merrill Lynch Single-B Index and sub-groups.

And don't miss Tim Culpan on SoftBank's deal jiu-jitsu: "As the largest backer of e-commerce startup Snapdeal, Son's SoftBank Group Corp. had been trying to engineer a merger with Flipkart Group so the combined entity could better take on Inc. Like petulant children refusing to eat their greens, Snap's co-founders scuttled that deal despite it being best for the company's health.

'No worries,' thinks Son. 'I'll invest in Flipkart instead.'"

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