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Pretty Spoofy
Bitcoin prices may still be soaring -- but near-constant volatility continues to make it a pretty shoddy currency.
Source: Bloomberg data
Off Form
Sluggish earnings and a burgeoning cash pile mean that Warren Buffett needs to get a move on with his next deal -- or risk watching a recent share surge collapse.
Source: Bloomberg
Why Though?
Rockwell Collins is expensive, and has gotten more so recently. It's also highly profitable -- limiting cost synergies. So why on earth is United Technologies trying to buy it?
Source: Bloomberg
Measures of Risk
Investors are still diving headlong into risky bonds -- which means central bankers must be cautious in unwinding nearly a decade of massive stimulus.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Shuli Ren on the becalmed Chinese IPO market: "As of the end of May, Chinese companies had raised $14.4 billion of capital through IPOs, compared with $22 billion for the whole of 2016. The amount is little more than 1 percent of the $1 trillion raised in the corporate bond market in the first five months."

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