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Tech Ate Media
Pretty much everyone in media that sells advertising is struggling -- but tech giants like Google continue to rake in cash.
Sources: Magna Global, Bloomberg Intelligence and Google filings.
Stop And Go
Tesla earnings are always a wild ride -- and the fact that an unpredictable hunk of revenue comes from an odd system of zero-emission vehicle credits makes things even weirder.
Source: Company filings and shareholder letters
Pay Less
Active management gets a lot of grief these days -- but there's good reason to believe the only thing wrong with it is the fees.
Source: Morningstar, author's calculations
If It Ain't Broke ...
ADP is growing revenue just fine, thank you, and Bill Ackman's recent record does not inspire confidence in his advice.
Source: Bloomberg
NOTE: The drop in 2014 corresponds with ADP's spinoff of CDK Global

And don't miss Mark Gilbert on the greatest threat to capitalism the world has ever known: "Do low-cost index-tracking funds really threaten to turn us all into communists?

A year ago, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. warned that 'passive investing is worse than Marxism.' Today, the most-read story on Bloomberg is about Paul Singer warning that 'passive investing is in danger of devouring capitalism.' The giant sucking sound in the fund management industry in recent years is the noise of money flowing to passive products. The rise of exchange-traded funds has been relentless, and shows no signs of slowing."

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