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Get Low
Vanguard has long been the first name in low-cost investing -- but Fidelity is coming for the crown.
Sources: Fidelity, Vanguard
Earnings Errors
Earnings beats are usually a cause for celebrations; markets are shrugging them off entirely this quarter.
Source: Bloomberg
Percent is stock market return from the first day of the period
Top of the Heap
If you think Apple is going stratospheric, look at the Austrian company that will make Pokemon Go work better on the next iPhone.
Source: Bloomberg
Shaking Things Up
AT&T definitely needs Time Warner's growth -- but it has to get used to the rather volatile business of making movies.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Liam Denning on an oily mess at Pioneer: "Overall, it's true Pioneer cut its target for production growth in 2017 from 15-18 percent to 15-16 percent. That's a drop of just one point using the middle of those ranges and still within range. Moreover, Pioneer isn't the only company tapping the brakes on spending and growth amid sub-$50 oil. 

The bigger problem lay beneath that headline number."

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