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Free Falling
Twitter is stuck in the canyon of corporate sadness -- and there's no easy path to recovery.
Source: Bloomberg
Frappoilccino And Fries?
Shell says it earns almost $100,000 a year from each of its retail sites, but it's a whole bunch of hot dogs behind Big Burger and Big Coffee.
Source: Bloomberg, Royal Dutch Shell
Note: Implied net income per retail site. Data for McDonald's and Starbucks are for 2016. Shell data as per guidance on 2Q 2017 earnings call.
Honing In
KKR is best known for private equity. But its capital markets arm is becoming more of a financial power player.
Source: Bloomberg
Shaky Ramp
The failure of a hugely important cancer drug trial puts AstraZeneca's growth trajectory in danger.

And don't miss Brooke Sutherland on another business Amazon is poised to eat: "On Tuesday, Amazon put out a little-covered press release on the progress of its business-to-business marketplace. More than 1 million U.S. customers are now turning to Amazon Business for their equipment and supply needs, up from more than 400,000 this time last year. In a decision that can't have been arbitrary, Amazon quotes an executive from the U.S. arm of Siemens AG (you know, that giant industrial company) who's "looking forward to expanding our procurement capabilities with Amazon Business." Nothing about that should be comforting for Grainger and its rivals."

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