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They're Grrreat
Members of Tiger 21 are playing a dangerous game by chasing returns in private equity and real estate.
Source: Tiger 21 Research
Note: Allocations for 2017 as of June.
Uphill Battle
Jeff Immelt is leaving his successor at GE with a whole lot of work to do.
Source: Company reports, Bloomberg
Note: Excludes deal taxes and pension
Carbon Copy
Canon still seems obsessed with its legacy printing business; it's time for the company to change its focus.
Source: Bloomberg
Easy Does It
EasyJet's premium left it overdue for a course correction as low oil prices encourage competitors to add more and more seats.

And don't miss Liam Denning on an impending oil crisis: "In a global oil market mired in excess inventory and low expectations, Venezuela is the most tangible of wildcards. Its tragic and volatile mix of a failing, oil-dependent economy, political gridlock and simmering unrest is well known at this point. But things are building to a head, partly due to the relentless logic of the bond market and partly due to the more proprietary logic of U.S. foreign policy."

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