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Slipping Up
Banks have been spending heavily on bond trading; the next few months will determine if it's time to rethink that.
Source: Company filings
A second quarter earnings blip shouldn't derail investor confidence in Blackstone.
Source: Company filings
*Data as at Q2, 2017. Other firms are yet to report
A Shot Across the Bond Market's Bows
Bond investors are taking Mario Draghi's warnings about rising borrowing costs seriously.
Source: Bloomberg
Intraday times are displayed in Eastern Standard Time
When Margins Are Central
Margin expansion won't sustain Unilever forever -- the company needs to find or buy some growth.
Source: Bloomberg, company statement

And don't miss Elaine He on the sources of London's housing price problem: "Homes in England cost eight times workers’ wages; 13 times in London; and 30 times in the capital's poshest neighborhood, according to the Office for National Statistics. Years of low interest rates have fueled a boom, but ultimately, the problem comes down to supply and demand. For decades, the dwelling stock available hasn't kept up with population growth."

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