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Bobby Flay is resorting to a Reg A+ offering to scrape cash for his burger chain -- a sure sign the fancy burger craze has lost its sizzle.
Source: Dealogic
2017 Data is through July 17.


It wasn't a banner quarter for fixed-income trading across banking. But Goldman seems to have gotten the worst of it.
Source: Bloomberg


Quidel investors are howling with glee after the company snatched some of the wreckage from AbbVie's snakebit purchase of Alere on the cheap.
Source: Bloomberg
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Signs of a Fledgling Comeback
Chipotle's norovirus news came at the worst possible time; the company was beginning to look like it had put its food safety scandal in the past.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Liam Denning on Saudi Arabia's cat herding difficulties: "The felines in this case are the countries making up the Vienna Group, which agreed to cut oil production to support prices. This strategy hasn't been terribly successful thus far, despite most of the 24 countries involved delivering on their promises, more or less. Brent crude oil is now roughly where it was before the agreement was announced in November and 10 percent below where it was when the cuts were extended in late May."

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