Max Nisen is a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering biotech, pharma and health care. He previously wrote about management and corporate strategy for Quartz and Business Insider.

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Good as It Gets
One reason Vanguard's record inflows may not last? The U.S. stock market is doing even better than people realize -- and that’s unlikely to continue forever.
Source: Bloomberg
From Bad to Worse
Signet's new CEO can help the company move past a series of scandals. But fixing the company's core business is the truly difficult part.
Source: Bloomberg
Lagging Behind
Trian has stopped short of calling for a breakup of P&G. But it's time to reconsider.
Source: Trian Fund Management, SEC filings
Swipe Right
Switching from Tinder's business model to something closer to YouTube's has been exceedingly smart for Momo.
Source: Bloomberg Gadfly, Momo company statements

And don't miss Gillian Tan breakdown of private equity's Game of Thrones: "Shareholders in the firms themselves as well as investors in private equity funds -- mostly pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and family offices -- generally relish any clarity regarding succession, if only because it provides a sense of stability and continuity. An added bonus for fund investors is the potential proliferation of new firms led by executives who may be disgruntled by the succession process."

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