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Full Retail
The headlines may be apocalyptic, but earnings and valuations at traditional retailers have been surprisingly steady.
Source: Bloomberg
Note: Averages for 40 traditional retailers in the S&P Retail Select Industry Index for the last 10 fiscal years. P/B and P/E shown as ratios; profit margin and ROE shown as percentages.
Almost There
It looks like investors are finally beginning to believe in an AT&T/Time Warner merger.
Source: Bloomberg
Note: AT&T's offer comprises cash and stock subject to a collar.
Reliability Factor
Turns out that people that manage money for a living are pretty good at managing earnings to expectations.
Source: Bloomberg
*Out of the biggest banks reporting next week, Morgan Stanley commands the longest streak with six quarters of EPS beats in a row
Point of Reference
How to ditch all of your outside clients and make a whole bunch of money: the BlueCrest story.
Source: Bloomberg reporting, Bloomberg Global Developed Sovereign Bond Index

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Well, a lot of people do, including regulators, politicians, analysts, Gadfly columnists and not least of all JPMorgan shareholders, all for some legitimate reasons (again, not least of all the bank's shareholders, and Gadfly columnists)." 

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