Max Nisen is a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering biotech, pharma and health care. He previously wrote about management and corporate strategy for Quartz and Business Insider.

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Summer Holiday
Amazon's Prime Day may generate a lot of hype. But the company produces nearly half the holiday's revenue on an average day.
Source: J.P. Morgan (for Prime Day revenue) and analysis of Bloomberg estimates (for average daily revenue)
Note: The calculation of average daily revenue assumes there will be 90 days in Amazon's third quarter.
Scary Big Numbers
A 50/50 cash/stock deal would balloon Verizon's debt, and Disney shareholders won't take more stock; this buyout's just not going to happen.
Source: Bloomberg
Take out the extra juice from the energy sector, and the S&P 500's EPS growth looks a lot more sluggish.
Source: FactSet, Bloomberg
Tough Times
Commodity trading advisers are understandably grouchy about their recent woes -- but low volatility is not to blame.
Source: Bloomberg
Noted: Indexed to 100.

And don't miss Marcus Ashworth on why asset managers may go the way of the auto industry: "Investment stars, the strategies that differentiate an asset manager from its peers, 'should be allotted the greatest investments and resources,' the report says. Established cash cows should be run as efficiently as possible and milked hard, while 'dogs' with declining inflows should be ditched if they can't be reinvented. If only it were that easy."

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