Max Nisen is a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering biotech, pharma and health care. He previously wrote about management and corporate strategy for Quartz and Business Insider.

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Passive in the Passing Lane
Passive investing is at a high in the U.S. and still growing, but the argument that constitutes a crisis doesn't hold much water.
Source: Bank of America
Back to Basics
Elon Musk and the rise of electric vehicles won't be a big money savior for the mining industry.
Source: Bloomberg Intelligence; Gadfly calculations
John Malone's perfectly timed HSN takeover could be a work of M&A art.
Source: Bloomberg
Show Me the Money
Third Point has been a lot better at producing change at Seven & i than actually profiting from it.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Shira Ovide on Silicon Valley's inability to grapple with its gender problems: "The data and the recent stories of VCs behaving beyond badly should finally crush the myth that technology is a meritocracy where the only things that matter are the strength of your ideas and ability to execute on your convictions. Like everywhere else in the world, some powerful people in tech abuse their power and will do whatever it takes to keep it."

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