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How About Never? Is Never Good For You?
On a discounted basis, Donald Trump's #solarwall would pay for itself roughly by the time the sun dies.
Source: Claire Woo, Bloomberg Gadfly analysis, Bloomberg, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Note: Assumes discount rate of 4 percent. See accompanying column for underlying assumptions on #solarwall.
Cutting Deep
Starting in 2025, the Senate bill to repeal Obamacare would put Medicaid funding on a far slower growth rate, likely leading to hundreds of billions in cuts from the program.
Source: FRED
Index 1982-1984=100, Seasonally Adjusted
Easier Grade
The Fed's annual stress test now grades banks on a substantially easier curve.
Source: Federal Reserve
Essential Oils
The Middle East's oil dominance isn't what it once was, but markets are still underestimating the potential disruption that would result if the region destabilizes.
Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy

And don't miss David Fickling on Qatar Airways' botched American approach: "How could Al Baker have got it so wrong? One mistake was to misread the way the wind is blowing in Fort Worth and Washington. Far from being in a position to offer Qatari partners a foot in the door of the administration, American Airlines these days is likely to be more worried about attracting a Twitter thunderbolt from the Oval Office and further sallies from its unions."

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