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Nesting Pieces
Nearly all of GE's businesses are large enough to stand on their own, but as breakup speculation mounts it's worth asking whether they should.
Source: Bloomberg
We Are the World
Uber's current disarray spells opportunity for the company's many transportation rivals around the world.
Source: CB Insights
Anyone Listening?
A surprising shift in Saudi Arabia's succession plans? The oil market just doesn’t care.
Source: Bloomberg
Ending the Drought?
BMC's potential combination with CA Inc. has a chance to reinvigorate the market for leveraged megabuyouts.
Source: Bloomberg
*The transaction value represents the equity value excluding Michael Dell's stake less net debt and differs from the often-reported figure of ~$24 billion

And don't miss Stephen Gandel on the one cheap thing at Whole Foods: "No one will cry for Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, of course. Forbes estimates his net worth at $76 million. The Amazon deal made him $9 million richer practically overnight. That seven-figure payout is one most Americans will never see. But it should also be noted that in America's executive suites, a seven-figure payout -- especially when a megadeal like Amazon-Whole Foods is involved -- is just as rare. They are usually much, much higher." 


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