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Drug pricing: a magical place where a mere 9.4% annual year-over year price increase is a relative improvement.
Source: Bloomberg Intelligence
Exit Sandman
It usually takes a bit to figure out whether a major deal was a good idea or not. Cenovus's purchase of ConocoPhillips oil sands assets looks like a disaster after just a few months.
Source: Bloomberg
Note: Performance indexed to 100.
Turning The Page
Barclays has racked up billions in costs related to scandals, and now former top executives at the bank face fraud charges.
Source: Company filings
China Drive
China is a ripe market for Tesla, but Elon Musk will have to learn to play by a different set of rules.
Source: China Automotive Information Net, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Note: China's vehicle sales according to the 2025 government plan.

And don't miss Shira Ovide on the army required to keep Amazon functioning: "Amazon's hiring spree isn't likely to slow. Since the beginning of 2016, Amazon has made at least 35 separate announcements about opening or expanding package warehouses and other facilities that the company said would lead to the hiring of at least 44,000 people, according to a Bloomberg Gadfly tally from Amazon's disclosures."

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