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Wrong Direction
Apple's performance in greater China has been deteriorating for more than a year, and the company can't keep dipping into its grab bag of excuses.
Source: Bloomberg
Note: Quarters shown here reflect Apple's fiscal year, which ends each September.
The two biggest leveraged lenders have had their wings clipped by regulation. President Trump's Treasury Department may help them regain market share.
Source: Bloomberg
*Guidance issued in March 2013
Room to Grow
Altice is a relative minnow in the U.S. cable market; the reasonable price of its upcoming IPO will win it friends it will need when the time comes for acquisitions.
Source: Company reports and SNL Kagan.
Under Pressure
EpiPen struggles and generic deflation mean that Mylan's revenue is under pressure, along with the company's entire board.
Source: Bloomberg
Mylan began reporting by geography starting in Q4 2016; the former "Specialty" segment is now reported as part of North America.

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