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Lucre List
Qatar's geopolitical issues serve as a reminder that cash from abroad may not always be totally reliable.
Source: Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute
Note: Data as of June 2016.
A New Way into Stocks
Is there still cash on the sidelines in the U.S.? It depends on where you look.
Source: Investment Company Institute
Note: 2017 YTD is through April
Up, Up and Away
Coherent's acquisition of Rofin-Sinar was a bear to get done, but it's more than paying off.
Source: Bloomberg
Changing of the Guard
Merck's Keytruda is gunning for a lead in the immune-oncology market, and it may get an unexpected boost at Eli Lilly’s expense.
Source: Bloomberg

And don't miss Nisha Gopalan on China's dirty dinosaur: "The combination with China Guodian Corp. wouldn't achieve either of the goals of President Xi Jinping's power-industry restructuring: overhauling bloated state companies and cutting reliance on coal. Instead, it would create another too-big-to-fail near-monopoly akin to the December 2015 formation of the Cosco-China Shipping Group." 

Correction: The "Printing Money" chart in Monday's edition said "billion" instead of "trillion." 

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