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Take the Money and Run?
Brown-Forman doesn't want a big, boozy buyout. But a sky high valuation and analyst skepticism about its future should lead it to reconsider.
Source: Bloomberg


Don't Call it a Comeback
A rebound (kind of) in S&P 500 earnings can't support stocks -- they still need some Trump magic.
Source: Bloomberg
Shrinking Behemoths
Trump's new FDA chief is all about biosimilars, which threatens sales of some of the biggest drugs in the world.
Source: Bloomberg
Organ of the State
China's food tastes are rapidly converging on those of the rest of the world, but it still has a ways to go.
Source: International Trade Centre
Note: "Offal" includes ungulate offal but not that of other species such as poultry or rabbits.

And don't miss Brooke Sutherland on General Electric's testy CEO: "Asked whether cranky investors should just accept that General Electric Co.'s businesses are what they are, Immelt joked that he was in Fox News mode: 'We report, you decide.' Unfortunately for him, what some investors decided to do during his presentation was jump ship."



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