The Fed's Still Happening

Inflation pressure will keep Yellen on track for December.

A Trump fiscal firehose should put Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen under pressure to keep inflation under control. A December rate increase still looks on track.

Look at the 2-year Treasury -- that it's little changed after the election tumult suggests the chances of a Fed hike next month are just as high as they were going into what was expected to be a comfortable Clinton victory. 

Back to Flat

The two-year's recovery from Trump-induced volatility suggests investors see the Fed on track for a December rate increase

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The December Fed Funds contract is just 1 basis point stronger on the day so far, having taken back thoughts of a Fed delay that had pushed it 4.5 basis points stronger earlier. That the Fed might move in just a few weeks is also reflected in the stability of the euro versus the dollar, as well as the dollar/yen.

Nothing to See Here

Dollar is pretty much back to where it was before the U.S. election surprise

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Intraday times are displayed in ET.

The brutal reality is bonds are no haven here, as I argued earlier today. The plunge in the price on the 30-year futures contract says it all -- this is a massive selloff and a big loss of enthusiasm for the long end.

Building! Sad.

U.S. long bond futures nosedive on prospect of massive government infrastructure spending plus tax cuts

Source: Bloomberg

The potential for a huge round of infrastructure spending plus tax cuts amounts to a grim day for the long end in fixed income. 

An equity bounce would be the final piece of the puzzle.

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