Best European Business School 2015

Many aspiring MBAs may wonder where a European business school will lead you. A close look at the 19 European programs included in our list of the best international business schools can help answer that question. One thing is clear: a European B-School isn’t necessarily a one-way ticket into a European career. The top employers of European B-School graduates are American companies, according to Bloomberg data.

Top companies that hire from European B-Schools

2015 Bloomberg MBA Alumni Survey included 2,388 full-time MBA alumni from the classes of 2007, 2008, and 2009 at 19 European schools.

    The graphic below lets you look at job and salary outcomes for 19 European MBA programs, and for the group of schools as a whole. Twenty percent of B-Schools in Europe funnel their graduates to the United Kingdom, the top destination for MBAs out of European schools. The second most-likely place they'll end up is the United States. And Just like MBAs in other world regions, grads of European programs tend to go into consulting.


    Pay Growth


    New grads who went to a startup
    (5.3% For all schools)
    New grads starting a business as a primary job
    (4.3% For all schools)

    Industries For New Graduates

    Where New Grads Go

    Average MBA Debt For New Grads

    ( For all schools)

    Job Placement Three Months Post-MBA

    ( For all schools)

    On the face of it, it's curious that graduates of European MBA programs tend to land in English-speaking countries or employed by U.S.-based firms—particularly when you consider that European schools pull most of their students from far away. While our survey doesn’t tell us what nationalities comprise European student bodies, our data show that 84 percent of MBAs who graduated from European programs in 2015 were from outside of the country, compared to 32 percent at U.S. programs.