Integration and Distribution

Platform for Data Distribution

Data delivery for a smarter, leaner IT environment.


Disparate data channels and custom integrations are a constant source of headaches in the IT department and across the enterprise. The Bloomberg Platform offers a more sensible and streamlined approach, giving firms a proven way to reduce the cost, risk and management overhead of data distribution.

Offered as a managed service, the Bloomberg Platform can replace some or all of the infrastructure that firms use today for enterprise data distribution, including third-party technology. It can integrate with a wide range of systems, giving firms optimal flexibility for configuring workflow.

The Bloomberg Platform provides everything you expect from a centralized solution: trusted entitlements, rigorous application and system monitoring, and the ability to distribute any data stream — external, internal, customer, third-party or a combination of these — to users, applications and other destinations worldwide.

The Bloomberg Platform represents a powerful opportunity for forward-thinking firms. With it, you can leverage one of the world’s fastest and most formidable networks, along with its world-class performance, global footprint and support. The Bloomberg Platform also enables firms to increase productivity from current investments in Bloomberg technology.


Bloomberg Appliance

The Bloomberg Appliance is a high-performance server and the core component of the Bloomberg Platform. It enables all publishing, distribution and integration, and is managed and supported remotely. We manage the hardware, the upgrades, the rack space, the physical space and climate control — all of which makes a huge impact on total cost of ownership.

The Appliance provides real-time distribution and caching of market data from Bloomberg or internal sources, while offloading all non real-time functionality to Bloomberg data centers. Locally, data distribution occurs in microseconds. Globally, the Appliance channels data to Bloomberg’s vast private network for efficient distribution.

Superior Access Control

The Entitlements Management and Reporting System (EMRS) gives firms the ability to supervise entitlements for individual users, user groups, applications and publishing services. Specifically, it enables firms to authenticate and authorize every end-user and server-based application for every source of enterprise data, whether real-time market data from Bloomberg or proprietary internal data. EMRS makes it convenient to report data usage to exchanges, as well as allocate costs to actual users. With EMRS, firms can outsource distribution without relinquishing control.

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Real-Time Monitoring

The Bloomberg Appliance Management System (BAMS) provides an overview of the entire data distribution system, including its components and performance. Firms can see real-time statistics through an intuitive interface to monitor the health and stability of the system. This data is stored and “tickerized” for historical access. BAMS also features integrated ticketing with alerts and notifications to coordinate troubleshooting between firms and our network operations group.

Global and Local Publishing

One of the most revolutionary aspects of the Bloomberg Platform is that it enables firms to publish proprietary data for tightly controlled internal-only consumption. Firms can move data to any office worldwide, quickly and securely, without having to contribute data to the Bloomberg ticker-plants. Locally published data is distributed to entitled subscribers anywhere on site with high throughput and low latency. Content can be published and consumed by users of the Bloomberg Professional® desktop, other desktops or applications running on servers.

Reliable Worldwide Reach

The Bloomberg Platform derives its strength from the operational support and architecture of the Bloomberg Global Network, which services more than 15,000 locations in 110 countries with complete coverage for large financial centers such as New York, London, Tokyo, Chicago, Frankfurt, and Hong Kong, as well as emerging markets everywhere. Our network is built for resiliency, with automated fault-tolerant components that isolate and seamlessly work around any single point of failure. IT is managed by the Bloomberg Network Operations team with control centers in New York, London and Tokyo for continuous, 24/7 monitoring.


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