Integration and Distribution

App Portal

Two ways to boost efficiency and enhance workflows for the front office.


For traders in the front office, inefficiencies in workflow can result in costly missed opportunities. Disjointed data sets displayed across multiple applications can increase trade-decision time. At the same time, repetitive data entry slows execution time and may introduce manual errors. The App Portal and Terminal Connect create a more efficient workflow for traders.

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App Portal

The App Portal is Bloomberg’s home for a wide range of customized workflow-enhancement applications. These powerful tools integrate seamlessly with the Bloomberg Professional® service, enabling a single, unified workflow for the front office. The apps can be distributed to more than 320,000 Bloomberg users worldwide, making the efficiency they provide globally scalable.

Inefficiencies in workflow can result in costly missed opportunities; the App Portal and Terminal Connect can help. Request a follow-up.

Terminal Connect

Workflows become inefficient when users must enter the same details from proprietary tools – including applications for order management, execution, analytics, spreadsheets and more – into the Bloomberg terminal. This redundant data entry adds minutes to every transaction. Terminal Connect is an API that seamlessly links proprietary tools and spreadsheets with the Bloomberg Professional service, creating greater data synchronicity, consistency and accuracy.


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