Integration and Distribution


From chaos to control

Each day, more than 3,500 Bloomberg technologists work to define, architect, build and deploy solutions that are engineered to anticipate and fulfill our clients’ needs.

In an era when firms must scrutinize IT strategy and investments, deploy smarter technologies, streamline costs and maintain flexibility, we help our clients to do more with less, minimizing risk and fulfilling increasingly complex regulatory requirements while seeking alpha.

Working with Bloomberg is working better.


Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

By leveraging open standards, new technologies and managed services across the front, middle offices and operations, your firm is better positioned to manage cost holistically and focus on its core competencies, ultimately deriving greater productivity from its Bloomberg investment.

More efficient workflow

Bloomberg Solutions are flexible enough to integrate the systems and applications already in use within your firm, creating efficient, unified workflows for both individual users and across the entire enterprise.

Easier compliance

Bloomberg solutions give your technology and systems the nimbleness to adapt to increasing regulatory reporting requirements while minimizing manual work for IT teams.

Smarter data governance

Bloomberg technology and managed services provide frictionless access to high-quality data, delivered to the right user or application at the right time, and with the appropriate permissioning in place. Ultimately, this enables you to better manage the data flowing into your firm according to your own unique Data governance strategy.


Turn your data into a strategic advantage