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Bloomberg’s KYC solutions enable banks, asset managers, hedge funds and other financial organizations to navigate the increasingly complex regulatory requirements related to onboarding, screening and verification processes. Our solutions are developed by industry experts from the buy side and sell side as well as regulation and risk management, who understand the challenges faced by sell-side and the buy-side firms today.

Benefits by Firm

Buy-side Firms

Control – Private document library and approval workflow let the funds and investment managers post once, distribute to many
Power – Sophisticated tools to manage beneficial ownership and entity hierarchies
Security – Encrypted storage, configurable user access with multi-factor authentication
Transparency – Permissioned document sharing with detailed audit trails for progress and history


Speed – Automatic matching of client documents and data to bank requirements drives efficient information exchange
Transparency – Integrated request status and issue management capabilities facilitate clarity and collaboration during client interactions
Flexibility – Policy agnostic platform to support bespoke and evolving requirements
Power – Tools to manage evidence and data discrepancies within onboarding requests


Entity Exchange

Client Outreach
Entity Exchange facilitates the delivery and response of regulatory content in a secure, fast and flexible manner. Entity Exchange provides a sophisticated workflow solution, that is policy agnostic and will provide you with a centralized and tailored approach to obtaining regulatory documentation with the aim of minimizing the impact of regulations on your business.

Global Regulation
The constantly evolving landscape of regulation impacts financial firms in numerous ways, and this new normal means staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Bloomberg Entity Exchange provides flexible, secure & efficient solutions to meet requirements for various regulations across the globe.

Entity Verification

Entity Verification leverages Bloomberg’s robust legal entity database to help you review and verify entity information of your clients and counterparties. Cleanse and normalize entity files by de-duping internal records. Fill in missing details from existing client data and enrich records with additional information by adding data from regulators and exchanges. Using Entity Verification to develop a universe of clean entity data can help you comply with KYC, regulatory reporting or remediation requirements.

Entity Screening

Bloomberg Entity Screening is a flexible, web-based workflow platform to make initial client onboarding and periodic screening both efficient and comprehensive. For lower risk entities, you can leverage Bloomberg’s Entity Verification service to verify, refresh and monitor information across a series of key attributes. If a material change has occurred, or if it is a higher-risk entity, Entity Screening delivers more enhanced capabilities to screen beneficial owners, directors and other associated entities against PEPs, sanctions, watchlists and adverse media sources.

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