Financial Data Management


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Effective enterprise data management is about oversight and control – knowing what you have and knowing what it means. Bloomberg offers two managed services that leverage innovative technologies for smarter data governance and regulatory compliance.

Partnering with a service provider can lessen the burden of building and maintaining data management systems internally, freeing you to focus on other priorities.


Smarter data governance with Bloomberg PolarLake

Bloomberg PolarLake delivers the ability to manage and make transparent the complex web of data management by combining improved data quality, operational and process controls, and rapid data and business process integration.

At the heart of each data management initiative is a business driver which typically demands an immediate solution and frequently requires the removal of specific data barriers. However, incumbent systems and complex process networks restrict wholesale changes and raise operational risk. Bloomberg PolarLake delivers a set of services, from vendor feed management to data distribution, which enables our clients to tackle the immediate business requirement head-on while complimenting existing systems and processes.

Data quality management

Data cleansing of critical data sets and data quality improvement

Operational and process control of data

Established data management processes with inbuilt audit & controls

Rapid data and business process integration

Rapid response to inevitable business change and data feed change with a flexible data supply chain

Easier compliance with Bloomberg Vault

The amount of data regulated companies must manage is mind boggling – and continues to grow exponentially.

Bloomberg Vault offers a secure, hosted compliance solution that enables robust governance of communication data, file analytics, and trade reconstruction across the enterprise. By consolidating compliance, legal and data management processes into an integrated, real-time system, Bloomberg Vault helps regulated firms to succeed in a transformed environment.


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