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Reference Data

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Informed by Bloomberg’s real-world experience working hand-in-hand with industry experts, Reference Data has the power to improve accuracy, consistency and flexibility at enterprise scale.


Expect data with unparalleled quality, consistency and integrity, delivered quickly across the enterprise.

Consume data consistently across the front, middle office and operations

Feed accounting, portfolio management and compliance systems from the same source, giving front, middle office and operational users a common, reliable frame of reference

Automatically link Bloomberg products to premium data through connective Open Symbology

Facilitate straight-through processing across the enterprise

Acquire bulk or per-security data with maximum granularity and more than 15,000 fields

Perform robust queries and validation with Metadata for Bloomberg Reference Data

Instrument Reference Data

Bloomberg’s Instrument Reference data is an industry-leading source of the detailed terms and conditions data firms require for security identification, creation, trading, and settlement. Leveraging the same content that is used in the Bloomberg Professional Service, our global coverage includes more than 10 million active instruments and a broad data model of nearly 5,000 fields.

Instrument Analytics

Bloomberg’s Instrument Analytics data provides access to content utilizing Bloomberg’s broad analytic capability and array of proprietary calculations. Most typically consumed in enterprise risk and portfolio valuation applications, the data available utilizes the same calculation engines that drive functions on the Bloomberg Professional Service to ensure consistency across front, middle, and back offices.

Corporate Actions

Bloomberg’s Corporate Action data contains more than 50 action types across capital changes, distributions, corporate events, and fixed income-specific actions. By leveraging the same identifiers as our instrument and legal entities, our Corporate Actions content is linked seamlessly to instrument and legal entities for custodians, asset servicers, and other industry participants.

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Corporate Structure

Bloomberg’s Corporate Structure data provides basic reference data and hierarchical relationships (parent, subsidiary, ultimate parent) across nearly 4 million legal entities. Firms are able to leverage the relationships between instruments and issuers to assess concentration risk across region, sector, and issuers. In addition, this dataset contains the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), which is a market standard identifier used in trade reporting and other regulatory reporting global mandates.

Sanctions Compliance

Bloomberg’s Compliance data provides information about 20 sanctions programs at the legal entity level across 10 jurisdictions worldwide. Used for entity screening as part of the Customer Due Diligence workflow, this dataset helps firms maintain compliance with KYC and AML regulations. In addition, as part of a pre-trade compliance process, this dataset also contains information about 10 sanctions programs at the Instrument level.

Capital Structure

Bloomberg’s Capital Structure product details a company’s capital structure by seniority {CAST<GO>} and by maturity {DDIS<GO>} and is used primarily by either proprietary credit research or risk management applications. Outlined at the company level, this dataset ties seamlessly to our Corporate Structure data and can be linked to our Instrument data. Coverage is approximately 2,700 companies and more than 25,000 unique entities.

Issuer Risk

Bloomberg’s Issuer Risk dataset provides an independent evaluation of a company’s credit health, using market data (share price and volatility), fundamental data, and cutting-edge quantitative models. The product delivers a 12-month and 5-year default risk probability, as well as a 5-year implied CDS spread, even for companies without a market CDS. The product includes historical data back to 1999 and earlier, where applicable.


Bloomberg’s Ontology dataset is a comprehensive data dictionary that accompanies the Reference Data product. It includes metadata that details all fields, including their definitions, datatypes, and properties, as well as content sets, including their components. In addition, Bloomberg provides its Provenance metadata, which is descriptive metadata about the delivery of content, and which allows firms to calculate the lineage of their Bloomberg data.


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