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Connecting your enterprise

To establish a truly connected enterprise, it is essential that the data supply chain is fed high-quality data. However, we understand the several perennial challenges that make this easier said than done.

High-quality data is difficult to acquire and often arrives from multiple sources.

The frequency of data delivery can vary, requiring disparate technologies to distribute the right data to the applications that need it.

Data exists in many formats, making complete transparency necessary to use and organize it effectively.

Data storage can hinder data accessibility and readiness for use.

Working with a trusted partner to acquire the highest-quality data and then consistently organize, move and use this data throughout the enterprise, can help firms meet these challenges and effectively manage on a global scale.

Bloomberg data is scrubbed, verified and continually updated as the markets, instruments and entities evolve.


Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Data Consistency. Firms that commit to utilizing only highest-quality data can eliminate the data inconsistencies inherent to working with multiple vendors while lowering overall costs.

More efficient workflow

Strengthen the core. Financial firms excel in analysis, insight and decision-making. Enterprise workflow, data distribution and software integration are not typically core competencies. Off-loading these tasks to a trusted partner can dramatically improve workflow efficiency.

Easier compliance

Regulation-ready data is essential. Acquiring regulation-ready data enables firms to shift away from a defensive position and respond to current and emerging regulatory demands with greater ease and efficiency.

Smarter data governance

Every firm is different. Data governance provides the framework that allows different firms to execute different operating strategies while maintaining quality, consistency and auditability. Governance is not monolithic. It varies as much as the firms that establish it.


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