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Difference is beautiful: Where we came from leads us to where we’re going

February 12, 2018

Jordyn Holman is a Bloomberg News Reporter on the Diversity & Management Beat in the New York office.

“I didn’t know Bloomberg wrote about that.”

I often hear this response when I tell people what I cover as a reporter on Bloomberg News’ diversity and management team. This beat looks at the intersection of race, class and gender in the workplace – one that has become increasingly relevant in our political and social climate.

In this role, I’ve been given a platform to discuss issues on power dynamics and how it affects business performance. We break stories, write long-form magazine articles and appear on televisions throughout the nation to talk about diversity stories that apply to every industry.

Working at Bloomberg has given me the opportunity to follow my passion of writing and talking about underrepresented groups of people.  Whether it’s on the Bloomberg Terminal, website or TV, I get to bring these stories to our consumers to raise visibility, foster conversations, and influence individuals and corporations to take action in advancing equality and inclusion.

Understanding the power of education at a young age
As an only child growing up in a world of adults, I always wondered how people knew what they knew. This instilled within me a love for learning at a very young age and inspired me to gain insight from the generations who have come before me.

Historically, many black Americans did not have access to higher education. Even today, many are not afforded the same opportunities that I have had. Knowing this, I strive to learn as much as I can from the people around me and the opportunities I’ve been given.

My grandmother always told me that getting a good education could open doors. She was right. Through my education, I’ve had the chance to travel to countries like China and the Czech Republic, which developed my confidence to hold my own in front of dignitaries and important business people. Caring mentors along with the overflowing support from my pastor and friends have helped me navigate internships and my journey to the Bloomberg News reporter that I am today.

To honor the memories of my ancestors and supporters, I am dedicated to being a life-long learner and to boldly bring forth stories that have yet to be unearthed, to drive critical social and economic change.

My commitment to future generations
Because my upbringing, I made it my mandate to immerse myself in different cultures every day. I’m constantly asking questions (and trying to answer them) about how companies can effectively incorporate diversity and inclusion into their corporate culture because, as my generation enters the workforce, we want workplaces that mirror our different realities.

We are able to report on stories ranging from the racial pay gap and the falling numbers of black bankers on Wall Street, to the box office success of predominantly black movies because of the resources Bloomberg continues to put into our team.

Jordyn (right) explains racial wage gaps with Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu on “What’d You Miss?” segment of Walk the Talk.

By speaking on panels here at Bloomberg or at conferences like the National Association of Black Journalists, my team has been able to join the conversations that people in the U.S. are already having, while adding our unique Bloomberg angle to it.

Paving your own path to success
If I could give my younger self some advice, I’d say: Be unwaveringly confident in the attributes that set you apart. Yes, I may look different, speak differently and have a different set of favorite TV shows and authors than my peers. But looking back now, I’ve seen how these aspects became my strengths.

When you are unapologetically you, the stories you write will be different. The conversations you hold with people will be more memorable and the way you leave your mark will be unmatched. Difference is beautiful… and the earlier you learn that, the more time you’ll have to grace the world with your uniqueness.

So now, when someone tells me that they didn’t know Bloomberg News wrote about these diversity issues, I can proudly say: Yes we do and we are committed to continue doing so. And we hope to include your voice one day as well.

Original artwork by Andrea Pippins.

Bloomberg is proud to celebrate Black History Month to recognize the positive influence African Americans have on our business and our world. By giving a voice to people of all backgrounds, we ensure that our success is built on a solid foundation of leadership, diversity, and innovation.