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Celebrating the awakening of black consciousness in Brazil

November 20, 2017

The Portuguese version is posted here on our Bloomberg Brasil blog. 

The most recent Brazilian census revealed that the country’s minorities, people who identify as black or mixed race, have become the majority ­– comprising over 55 percent of the Brazilian population. However, the representation of black and mixed race individuals in the workplace is far from accurately reflecting this distribution.

Changing the workforce composition starts with authentic leadership at the top and collective action to encourage open dialogue around recruiting and developing ethnic and racial talent. Bloomberg is a proud supporter of the LIFT (Language, Inspiration, Focus, Transformation) Initiative which provides mentoring and English training for low-income students from Greater São Paulo to improve social mobility.

In addition, in honor of Black Consciousness Day, Bloomberg is using art as a medium to communicate the powerful culture, innovation and impact that black Brazilians have in our society and economy – world renowned Brazilian artist Ananda Nahu paints original works to capture the layers of this rich message.


Ayaba means “queen” in Yoruba language. It’s a name given to people with a desire to create, express themselves and have a career in the limelight. The people surrounding her are from an older generation and are helping to color the beautiful person she will become. The waterfall represents her potential and the forward movement and energy of her life. In the background is Ibirapuera Park and Sao Paulo’s business district.

Imagens na parede

This piece represents the strong communal ties that Brazilians have, and the ways in which our cultural is a celebratory and representative one, showing all shades of people enjoying the richness of Brazilian life. Music, art, dance, and traditional dress are represented. In the background, the boy’s shirt pattern is computer code, which represents the future of youth and the opportunities that they have in front of them. The textile patterns on the ground are inspired by the works of Rubem Valentim, an important black painter in Brazil’s history.

Escrevendo o future

The child in this image is writing her own future, one that will be integrated into urban life in Sao Paulo. The adult behind the girl represents the child as a grown woman – a successful and thriving member of her community and active in Brazilian society. Her yellow and red pants symbolize a spirit of hope and perseverance that is naturally within all of us as children – a creative fire that only comes from within.

Ananda Nahu is a native of Juazeiro, in Bahia, Brazil. And in 2015, she was selected by CNN Style as one of the most influential artists in Brazil. Ananda is currently living in Rio de Janeiro and travelled to the Bloomberg Brazil office in São Paulo on November 28th to paint the fourth piece of this series.

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