On Sunday, September 24th, 2017, we will reconvene our community to deepen our mutual understanding. The theme for this year’s edition will be “With Great Data comes Great Responsibility,” or how data science can be applied to solve public interest problems without losing its soul.

The data revolution has enabled businesses to provide better service, at lower cost, and to more customers, at a scale and rate of change not seen since the industrial revolution. In contrast to the corporate sector, the public and non-profit sectors have seen significantly less application of data science methods.

Since 2014, Bloomberg has hosted the annual D4GX conference on the application of data science to solve problems for the social good. This forum enables data scientists from academia, industry and public sector actors from government and NGOs to build relationships, share insights and progress, and encourages them to work together on applying modern machine learning and data science methods to challenges in the public and non-profit sectors.

Sunday, September 24th
731 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10022
8:30am – 6:00pm

Registration is now closed

Download an overview of the event’s program here. Please note that the program is subject to change. For the most up-to-date agenda, download the D4GX app by searching ‘Data for Good Exchange’ in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. The app will allow you to network with attendees, read the latest D4GX news as well as receive up-to-the-minute updates during the event.

Accepted Papers

Ethics / Fairness / Policy Aware

An End-To-End Fairness- and Policy-Aware Machine Learning Pipeline
Authors: Samiulla Zakir Hussain Shaikh, Harit Vishwakarma, Sameep Mehta, Kush Varshney, Karthikeyan Natesan Ramamurthy, Dennis Wei

Children and the Data Cycle: Rights and Ethics in a Big Data World
Authors: Gabrielle Berman and Kerry Albright

Is your machine learning algorithm perpetuating social bias? How to detect and reduce it in your models
Author: Niels Bantilan

Mapping for accessibility: A case study of ethics in data science for social good
Authors: Anissa Tanweer, Margaret Drouhard, Brittany Fiore-Gartland, Nicholas Bolten, Jess Hamilton, Kaicheng Tan, Anat Caspi


An example of how false conclusions could be made with personalized health tracking and suggestions for avoiding similar situations
Authors: Orianna DeMasi and Benjamin Recht

Data Science: A Powerful Catalyst for Cross-Sector Collaborations to Transform the Future of Global Health – Developing a new interactive relational mapping tool (Demo)
Authors: Barbara Bulc, Cassie Landers, Katherine Driscoll, Jeff Mohr

Demographics in Social Media Data for Public Health Research: Does it matter?
Authors: Nina Cesare, Christan Grant , John S. Brownstein, Jared Hawkins, Elaine Nsoesie

Hiding in plain sight: insights about health-care trends gained through open health data
Authors: Ravi Rao and Daniel Clarke

Measuring the Impact of Urban Street Trees on Air Quality and Respiratory Illness: A Data-Driven Approach to Environmental Justice
Authors: Yuan Lai and Constantine E. Kontokosta, PhD

Searching for news: Using the Google Health API data for research
Authors: Katerina Eva Matsa and Galen Stocking

Infra + General System Related

Automating, Operationalizing and Productizing Journalistic Article Analysis
Authors: Michael S. Manley, Eric Kingery, Dan Ratner

“Birds in the Cloud”: adventures in data engineering
Author: Nicolas Cherel, Tom Auer, Daniel Fink, Jim Reesman, Arnaud Sahuguet

Providing tailored information on global biodiversity to strengthen decision-making for nature and society
Authors: Alex Tate, Melanie Heath, Stuart Butchart

Threat Modeling Data Analysis in Socio-technical Systems
Author: Tomasz Ostwald

Video Labeling for Automatic Video Surveillance in Security Domains

Authors: Elizabeth Bondi, Fei Fang, Debarun Kar, Venil Noronha, Donnabell Dmello, Milind Tambe, Arvind Iyer, Robert Hannaford

Novel Data Collection / Approaches

Big Data and the 95% Solution: Looking for Learning in All the Wrong Places
Authors: Stephen Miles Uzzo and Leilah Lyons

Synthetic Data for Social Good
Authors: Bill Howe, Julia Stoyanovich, Haoyue Ping, Bernease Herman, Matt Gee

Ground Control to Major Tom: the importance of field surveys in remotely sensed data analysis
Authors: Vaishaal Shankar, Esther Rolf, Benjamin Recht, Jonathan Proctor, Jonathan Kadish, Solomon Hsiang, Tamma Carleton, Ian Bolliger

Wildbook: Crowdsourcing, computer vision, and data science for conservation
Authors: Tanya Y. Berger-Wolf, Daniel I. Rubenstein, Charles V. Stewart, Jason A. Holmberg, Jason Parham, Jonathan Crall, Sreejith Menon, Jon Van Oast, Emre Kiciman, Lucas Joppa

Urban Explorations: Analysis of Public Park Usage using Mobile GPS Data
Author: Wenfei Xu

Application: Policy Analysis

Civil Asset Forfeiture: A Judicial Perspective
Authors: Leslie Barrett, Alexandra Ortan, Ryon Smey, Michael W. Sherman, Zefu Lu, Wayne Krug, Roberto Martin, Anu Pradhan, Trent Wenzel, Alexander Sherman, Karin D. Martin

Data science for urban equity: Making gentrification an accessible topic for data scientists, policymakers, and the community
Authors: Bernease Herman, Jacob Kovacs, Hillary Dawkins, Yahui Ma, Jacob Rich, Amanda Tan, Gundula Proksch, Rachel Berney

Displacement and Housing Justice: Analysis and Visualization of Atlanta’s Anti-Displacement Tax Fund
Authors: Jeremy Auerbach, Hayley Barton, Takeria Blunt, Vishwamitra Chaganti, Bhavya Ghai, Amanda Meng, Christopher Blackburn, Ellen Zegura

Exploring the Urban – Rural Incarceration Divide: Drivers of Local Jail Incarceration Rates in the U.S.
Authors: Rachael Weiss Riley, Jacob Kang-Brown, Chris Mulligan, Soumyo Chakraborty, Vinod Valsalam, Christian Henrichson

Food for Thought: Analyzing Public Opinion on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Authors: Miriam Chappelka, Jihwan Oh, Dorris Scott, Mizzani Walker-Holmes

Application: Public Services

Automatically identifying civilians killed by police from the news
Authors: Brendan O’Connor, Katherine Keith, Abram Handler

Equity in 311 Reporting: Understanding Socio-Spatial Differentials in the Propensity to Complain
Authors: Constantine E. Kontokosta, Boyeong Hong, Kristi Korsberg

Food Security
Author: Sara Menker

Machine Learning for Drug Overdose Surveillance
Authors: Daniel B. Neill and William Herlands

Mobility, Training & Cities

Driving with Data: Modeling and Forecasting Vehicle Fleet Maintenance in Detroit
Authors: Josh Gardner, Danai Koutra, Jawad Mroueh, Victor Pang, Arya Farahi, Sam Krassenstein, Jared Webb

From Zero to 200,000 Training Program Outcome Reports in 24 Months: TPOT as a Model for Collaboratively Building the Future of Workforce Data
Authors: Matt Bauman, Christina Pena, Kim Vitali, Adam Leonard

Intelligent Pothole Detection and Road Condition Assessment
Authors: Shouvik Mani, Umang Bhatt, Edgar Xi

Combatting drug and device safety bias in diverse populations
Author: Libbe Englander

Application: Vulnerable/Youth Population

An Entity Resolution Approach to Isolate Instances of Human Trafficking Online
Authors: Chirag Nagpal, Benedikt Boecking , Kyle Miller, Artur Dubrawski

Can Machine Learning Create an Advocate for Foster Youth?
Authors: Meredith Brindley, James Heyes, Darrell Booker

Measuring the unmeasurable – a project of domestic violence risk prediction and management
Authors: Ya-Yun Chen, Yu-Hsiu Wang, Yi-Shan Hsieh, Jing-Tai Ke, Chia-Kai Liu, Sue-Chuan Chen, T. C. Hsieh

Predictors of Re-admission for Homeless Families in New York City: The Case of the WiN Shelter Network
Authors: Constantine E. Kontokosta, Boyeong Hong, Awais Malik, Ira Bellach, Xueqi Huang, Kristi Korsberg, Dara Perl, Avikal Somvanshi

Promoting Saving for College Through Data Science
Authors: Fernando Diaz and Natnaell Mammo

Accepted Panels

Bias and Ethics in City Services Data Science
Panelists: Hunter Owens, Natalie Evans Harris, Matthew Gee, Julia Stoyanovich, Bill Howe, Sarah Henry

Big Data and Judicial Bias in Criminal Justice
Panelists: Randy Bean, Rebecca Ackerman, Kelly Jin, Emmanuel Letouze, Mary McKernan McKay

Building Open Data Dashboards for Hyper Local Government
Panelists: Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer, Emily Goldman, Briana Vecchione, Noel Hidalgo

Creating Actionable Data-Driven Knowledge in Communities of Need
Panelists: Catherine Cramer, Dr. Amy Woolever, Anthony Finney, Julia Lane, Dana Bourland

Data Collaboration Addressing the Global Refugee Crisis
Panelists: Rita Ko, Liberty Vittert, Sydney Rose, Friederike Schuur, Scarlett Swerdlow

Social Media Data for Good
Panelists: Stefaan Verhulst, Chaya Nayak, Natalia Adler, Jos Berens, John Akred

Data-driven resilience
Panelists: Pippa Brashear, Allan Estivalet, PE, CFM, Paul Tschirky, PhD, P.Eng.

Fairness-Aware Predictive Analytics in Child Protective Services: Development, Validation and Implementation
Panelists: Rhema Vaithianathan, Erin Dalton, Emily Putnam-Hornstein, Alexandra Chouldechova

What Works Cities Panel – Avoiding Data Bias in Housing-Related Initiatives: The Challenges of Ensuring Equity and a Lack of Bias in How Data is Collected and Used to Influence Policy
Panelists: Beth Blauer, Elspeth Kirkman, Kate Bender, Khanh Russo

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