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Topping Off Q3 2017: Bloomberg League Tables and Rankings

October 3, 2017

Bloomberg today published its 3Q 2017 League Table reports, which name market leaders across a broad range of deal types including loans, bonds, municipals, equity, and M&A transactions for the quarter. The tables rank the top arrangers, bookrunners and advisors from around the globe and are published on the first business day of each quarter.

The League Tables developed by Bloomberg give financial professionals insight into market trends across sector, geography and business opportunity. The data provides transparency into both credited and non-credited deals. League Tables’ measurements come from standardized sets to ensure all institutions are compared evenly.

Some of the key takeaways from the third quarter of 2017 reports include:

Bonds (Global Fixed Income report)

  • U.S. Corporate Bonds; highest volumes on record for 3Q, deal count up from 2016. JP Morgan (JPM) tops the league table for the 8th consecutive year.
  • Canada Corporate Bonds; volumes for 3Q highest on record.
  • Canada Corporate Bonds; TD Securities tops the league table for 3Q for the first time on record.
  • Global Bonds; volumes dropped for 3Q since 2016. JPM tops the rankings for 6th year in a row.
  • Western European Corporate High Yield Bonds – Risk; number of deals and volumes for 3Q increased since 2016. JPM tops the table for the first time since 2015.

Loans (Global Syndicated Loans Report)

  • Global Loans; deal count lowest for 3Q since 2012. BAML tops the league table for the first time on record.
  • U.S. Loans; volumes highest on record for 3Q. BAML tops the league table for the first time.
  • Spain Borrower Loans; lowest number of deals for 3Q since 2014.
  • Canada Loans; number of deals increased since 2016.
  • Europe Corporate Loans; volumes and number of deals have decreased for 3Q since 2016. HSBC tops the league table.
  • EMEA Loans; deal count and volumes decreased for 3Q since 2016. HSBC tops the league table for the first time since 2015.

Equities (Global Equity Report)

  • Global Equity Linked; JPM tops the league tables for 3Q 2017.
  • Global Equity IPO; deal count and volumes up substantially for 3Q since last year.
  • U.S. Equity Offerings; deal count and volumes for 3Q increased since 2016. JPM tops the league table for the third time in a row.
  • Canada Equity, Equity Linked & Preferred; number of deals highest since 2014.
  • EMEA Equity Linked – Risk; deal count and volumes for 3Q decreased since 2016. JPM tops the table for the first time since 2013.

How does Bloomberg compile its official League Tables?

Bloomberg’s official League Table ranking reports are published quarterly on a cumulative basis, based on transaction value. They are based on either market of syndication, market of issue, country of risk, country of incorporation, currency, issuer type or security type. League data is collected from verifiable sources, such as company prospectuses, term sheets, company filings, exchange notifications and contributions from banks and law firms. Live tables are available by running {LEAG <GO>} on the Bloomberg Terminal and include the ability to rank by deal count. M&A tables are available on {MA <GO>}.

Bloomberg Terminal subscribers can download the deals and League Table data into Microsoft Excel and generate report-quality PDF documents. Subscribers can also set up custom alerts to monitor League Table changes by role and deal. Additionally, customizable tables can be searched and include only the deals that are relevant to a subscribers’ analysis.

Bloomberg Terminal subscribers can contact Bloomberg Customer Support at +1-212-318-2000 or via the Help Desk with any questions about how to find or read Bloomberg’s League Tables and reports.

A sample of Bloomberg’s League Table reports can be downloaded here.

Members of the media can contact Susan Doyle [+1-202-807-2213,] with questions about Bloomberg’s League Tables or to request permission to cite data from them.

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