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The Business of Sports

April 5, 2012

Toward the end of the last baseball season and into the winter, the concept of “Moneyball” went through a renaissance with casual fans. The success of the film “Moneyball” starring Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt suddenly re-awakened pop culture that stats and sports could peacefully co-exist, and even produce some amazing results.

The business of analytics has been alive and well at Bloomberg for years, especially in our sports organization. We help professional teams and players evaluate performance, and we help sports fans manage their fantasy teams. The days of slide rules, ledger sheets, and DVD’s are gone. People now want and expect to have information at their fingertips at any point in time, using any device. “Moneyball 3.0,” as I like to call it, is the wave of the future.

So as the 2012 MLB season dawns and we begin to gear up for other sports, one has to think about the concept of “Moneyball” and how that translates in football, basketball, car racing, soccer, etc.  I believe statistical analysis will always have a hand in sports regardless if you’re a player or a fan. We are elated to be a leader in it, and look forward to making the advances in analytics easier and more interesting for all involved.

Stay tuned…

Bill Squadron is head of Bloomberg Sports