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41 Stories We Wish
We Had Written

December 20, 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek has just posted its First Annual Jealousy List, a compilation of great pieces of journalism from other news outlets published in 2013 that left the magazine staff “sick with resentment.”

Forty-three writers and editors picked their 41 favorite stories, and one book, of the past year from 25 outlets including The Awl, Esquire, Reuters, Deadspin, Wonkbook, Washington Monthly, ESPN The Magazine, Guardian, Harper’s, BuzzFeed, Mother Jones (x2), Vanity Fair (x2), GQ (x2), New Republic (x2), Planet Money (x2), The New York Times Magazine (x5), The New Yorker (x7), and more.

Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Josh Tyrangiel writes: “In this season of relentless kindness, envy is often sadly neglected. Which is why we bring you the First Annual Jealousy List, a compilation of the great pieces of journalism in 2013. Besides functioning as a very long ‘Bah Humbug,’ it’s also a useful guide to the best work of the year by our peers at other news organizations. May they all receive a lump of coal—along with the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.”

Check out the First Annual Jealousy List:
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