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Reporting for Duty: Military Vets at Bloomberg

November 11, 2013

Both the military and Bloomberg embody a common spirit: the mission comes first. This Veterans Day, we draw attention to and celebrate our military veterans.

Teamwork. Communication. Adaptability. Integrity. These are just some of the skills and characteristics that transfer well from military service to a career at Bloomberg.

When it comes to recruiting veterans, we’re upping our game. In the past four months alone, several military veterans have accepted offers to join our ranks. “We are aligning our hiring efforts with the business areas that have the most availability,” says Joe Lopes, who leads Bloomberg’s recruiting team for the Americas. “Software development, sales, data analysis, customer service and network support are all areas we are showcasing as places veterans should look to work at Bloomberg.”

Bloomberg provides training programs that allow veterans to transition more easily from military careers to the private sector. Employees are also encouraged to recommend veterans with an interest in technology or finance to apply at Bloomberg.

Lopes hopes that successful efforts in the U.S. will be scaled globally to hire military veterans from other countries. “We have the jobs,” he says. “We want to hire vets.”

In the following videos, some of our colleagues discuss the skills and experiences they gained in the military, and how they are put to use at Bloomberg. They also offer advice for other veterans making their way through the company.

MELVIN HARRIS: His time in the U.S. Coast Guard taught Melvin Harris the power of teamwork. Working in sales at Bloomberg, Harris is now able to apply his listening, learning and teaching skills.

JOSH WALKER: Josh Walker was a platoon leader in the U.S. Army and served in Afghanistan. Today, he’s working in customer service at Bloomberg where he says his knack for overcoming roadblocks comes in very handy.

GEORGE MAY: George May was a sergeant in the U.S. Army and served in Iraq. The same discipline and focus he applied to his military missions is helping May succeed in sales now at Bloomberg.

JOHN EVERHART: John Everhart spent 10 years in the U.S. Army as a field artillery officer. Today, he is a senior securities analyst at Blomberg covering the technology sector.

ANTHONY COMERICO: After five years working in the infantry and diplomatic security for the U.S. Marine Corps, Anthony Comerico has been able to apply his organizational skills at Bloomberg as an equities portfolio manager and analyst.

Contributed by Shaun Randol, editor of On Bloomberg, Bloomberg LP’s internal newswire.