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Regulation 2014: The Volcker Rule

January 14, 2014

As we head into 2014, one of the biggest challenges that the financial industry faces is how to comply with new regulations coming out of Washington. Nearly every firm and almost every country will be affected. Here at Bloomberg, clients are asking how they can best address these changes and what they can expect in 2014. We’ve convened three of Bloomberg’s regulation experts including: George Harrington, Bloomberg’s Head of Fixed Income Trading; Gary Stone, Chief of Strategy at Bloomberg Tradebook; and Cady North, Senior Policy Expert at Bloomberg Government. They will answer your questions in a three-part video series hosted by Tom Keene, Editor-at-Large at Bloomberg News. Join the conversation on Twitter with #BBGReg and follow @BloombergLP for updates.

Though regulators made a year-end push to check off many Dodd-Frank rule-writing responsibilities in December 2013, Dodd-Frank rules are far from complete. In particular, major questions remain on derivatives regulations, financial stability rules and corporate governance issues. Even once many of these rules are completed, regulators will begin a multiyear process of refining Dodd-Frank policies and creating enforcement strategies for its rules. The Volcker rule is a good example of this – though the rule is written, reporting requirements that begin this summer and will be phased in over two years will actually help shape the final outcome of the rule and inform how regulators will need to enforce it. Debate and disagreement on this and other key financial regulatory issues will continue well beyond 2014. – @CadyNorth, Bloomberg Government

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Watch key highlights from full segment above:

“One of the biggest things we’ve seen so far a result of the Volcker Rule is that the key reporting requirements trading assets and liabilities has significantly decreased over the past 4 quarters,” Cady North tells Tom Keene.

Tom Keene asks the panel if Senator Dodd or Chairman Frank recognize the beast that has become “Dodd-Frank.”

“It’s the early days before we get MATs kicking in,” George Harrington explains to Tom Keene at the Bloomberg 360: Regulation Roundtable.

George Harrington and Gary Stone discuss what seismic shift might be approaching in February 2014.

Stay tuned for “Part 2” on January 21, where we address how new regulation will affect the swaps market in 2014. Content expertise provided by: Bloomberg Government, Bloomberg Tradebook, Bloomberg Fixed Income, and Bloomberg Briefs.