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Regulation 2014: Global Impact

January 29, 2014

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Financial regulation is not just an American challenge, it is a global one. Market makers and investors are playing in increasingly interconnected markets and they need to understand the rules on an international scale. In Part III of Bloomberg 360: Regulation our experts address the global implications of financial regulation. George Harrington, Head of Fixed Income Trading; Gary Stone, Chief of Strategy at Tradebook; and Cady North, Senior Policy Expert at Bloomberg Government answer the questions that clients are asking.

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Watch key highlights from the segment:

“You have this real time reporting requirement that the European rules, or the Asian rules, don’t follow at all” George Harrington explains on global outlook.

Gary Stone explains the varying rules across countries on a global scale.

Tom Keene asks the panel when we could see US customers move outside of the US.

Cady North explains the congressional level discussion about CFTC and the regulatory level with commissioners.

“What does this mean for Bloomberg?” Tom Keene asks the panel.