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One Platform, Infinite Possibilities

October 8, 2013

Bloomberg recently received two awards for Best Execution Management System (EMS). The first is from The Trade news (chosen by its buy-side readership), and the second is part of the 2013 Financial News award for Excellence in Trading (chosen by a panel of 50 independent judges).

We’re thrilled to be recognized by the electronic trading community for the sophisticated tools and analytics that Bloomberg provides to help buy-side and sell-side traders operate in today’s fast-paced, fragmented, electronic market place.

Above: The Illustrader tool, part of Bloomberg’s Execution Management System (EMSX)

Our electronic trading platform, called EMSX, simplifies trading across multiple asset classes, including global equities, futures and options and ETFs. It connects more than 13,000 institutional traders to nearly 2,500 sell side banks, broker-dealers and other liquidity providers across the globe. And, traders can integrate analytics and news from the Bloomberg Professional service directly into their trading blotter.

In the last year, we added features that we think helped us win these two significant industry awards, including:

  • The Illustrader, which is a data visualization tool used for trading against benchmarks such as Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and Implementation Shortfall (IS).
  • Performance attribution analytics to help traders measure their contribution to alpha, by shedding light on the different components of trade performance.
  • Bloomberg’s multi-asset pre, post-and real-time trade cost estimates that enable traders to evaluate trading strategies from every angle.

Bloomberg has a history of building forward-looking capabilities so traders can design and execute on successful trading strategies. To continue to be successful, Bloomberg will constantly innovate its technology to support the evolving roles of the buy and sell side trader and bring transparency and actionable insights to the investor community.