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Meet the Players behind Bloomberg Television’s “Economy Election 2012” Coverage

November 15, 2011

With the presidential election less  than one year out, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to some the incredible talent both in front of and behind the cameras of Bloomberg Television.

These are the people that put together the Bloomberg/Washington Post Republican Presidential Economic debate, and they are the ones who will be with you throughout the 2012 “Economy Election.”

Here’s  a behind-the-scenes clip from Bloomberg’s “Spotlight On” service – which delivers unique multimedia content to the company’s 13,000+ employees globally. From marketing to production to Bloomberg’s cross-platform initiatives, take a look at appearances by Bloomberg Washington Executive Editor Al Hunt, U.S. Head of Television Andrew Morse, Multimedia Producer Stacy Kennedy, Special Projects Producer Eric Wagner, Production Head Mindy Massucci, Photos Assignment Editor Graham Morrison and Creative John Newhouse.

Yes, we’ll admit it — it takes a village.



Bloomberg’s complete “Economy Election 2012” can be seen at

Bloomberg TV Team