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Listening to our Clients

May 13, 2013

There’s nothing more important to us at Bloomberg than communicating openly and honestly about our company. As such, I’m starting this blog to speak personally and directly to our clients, employees and partners.

Last Friday, I sent a note acknowledging that we made a mistake in allowing journalists access to limited high-level client relationship data. I also detailed the steps we’ve taken going forward, including limiting reporter access to only the information available publicly to all terminal users; and creating a new position of Client Data Compliance Officer, reporting directly to me, who is responsible for centralizing our data security efforts.

Since the news came out, my executive team and I have personally reached out to more than 300 clients. We started each conversation with an apology for our mistake. We’ve listened carefully and also explained the very specific and limited nature of the data our reporters were able to access. We’ve reiterated what data was available, how it was used, and just as importantly, what was not accessible, including messaging, trading, portfolio, monitor, blotter and other related systems. We’re grateful for the understanding our clients have shown.

Let me reemphasize that our company’s core value of openness and client trust are our highest priorities and the cornerstone of our business. We will do everything possible to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of our clients’ data in all situations and at all times. We are available to all of our 315,000 subscribers to answer any questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to email me directly at

Contributed by Dan Doctoroff, Chief Executive Officer and President of Bloomberg L.P.